Turbocharging exploration to build the electric future

We scale mineral exploration. With the industry’s most precise mineral detection technology, fundamental geology, and responsible drilling, Earth AI can move from detecting a prospect to drill-testing in just three to six months.

We built the Mineral Discovery Engine, a system of key processes and technologies that bring precision, efficiency, and scalability to critical minerals exploration. Our Mineral Discovery Engine is comprised of:

Mineral Targeting Platform

Our prediction tools are the most accurate in the industry, improving in-field success rates from 1 in 200 to 1 in 8. By studying multiple datasets and learning to identify mineralization, our AI replicates and scales the mind of a geoscientist. Our models train on 400 million geological cases from the entire continent, creating new knowledge and formulating conclusions. This experience, achieved through extensive training, allows us to deliver repeatable, high-quality predictions.

Fundamental Geology

In order to understand the origin of mineralization, we apply a generalist approach to studying and understanding the geology of the area. With every project, data leads the way. We apply a unique set of field and laboratory methods that help us decode the mineral system, form hypotheses, and test with drilling. This approach leads to the detection of brand-new prospects.

Responsible Drilling

We’ve developed the first modular drilling system for self-sufficient mineral exploration in remote desert environments. From drilling hardware and fluid treatment systems to crew housing, we’ve meticulously optimized every step in the process while minimizing environmental impact.

How It works

First, our Mineral Targeting Platform predicts areas with mineral enrichment.


Next, our field team samples the sites to confirm or deny the presence of mineralization.


We conduct generalist geological research to understand the mineral system and plan drilling.


Each drillhole tests a well-defined geological hypothesis, with learnings applied to refine future hypotheses.


Our success criteria is a drill sample of economic grade ore, which grants us a perpetual royalty from the mine’s revenue.


Unit Economics

Lowest Drilling Cost

Our efficient, modular design coupled with streamlined operations translates into best-in-class drilling economics.

Precise AI-Driven Prospect Detection

Our AI platform repeatedly discovers new and overlooked prospects for a multitude of commodities.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Our drilling system requires no groundwork and causes close to zero environmental impact, while the onboard mud filtration system minimizes water wastage and prevents contamination of the soil. All while reducing downtime and costs.

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